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    For the past 12 years, LED Specialists has been providing LED lighting solutions for OEMs across many industries. Our designs are in hundreds of thousands of aircraft reading lights, yacht light fixtures, landscape lights, architectural lights and other industries. Our UV designs are helping to manufacture medical devices you’ve likely encountered in your doctor’s office.

    Today, we continue to listen to our clients’ needs in LED (visible and UV) and look ahead to how technology can make them leaders in their respective businesses. We specialize in customized designs…giving our OEM customers an “edge”…with unique performance, features or robustness. Our team of engineers are the best in their field, whether optical, electrical, mechanical, or manufacturing.

    If you take a close look, there is something “special” about every product we have developed, giving our clients that competitive advantage.

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    Phone: 631.269.0841 Ext. 10
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    Email: sales@ledspecialists.com